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Look at our Learning Around Bones!

We have been busy learning about our bodies and how to look after our bones. We read The Magic School Bus which taught us about our skeletons. We tried piecing together our bones, we created a skeleton out of cotton tips and read many cool body books! Come in and have a look at our skeleton display!

Spider Expert Visit

We had a great morning today! Kate from Lincoln University studies Arachnology (study of spiders).  We invited her in for a 'show and tell' of her spider collection! We learnt about different types of spiders, where they are found, parts of a spider and we asked some amazing questions! We are now full of spider knowledge! Ask us for a creepy crawly fact!  Next week we will be taking our new spider knowledge and will create some fantastic writing around it all!


On a Wednesday, the Junior School have started having a go at Bowls. Our learners have been enjoying this each week! We have been learning how to correctly hold a bowl, our standing position and working on how soft or hard to bowl.  We all love this new skill!