Discovery Time Fun!

We love Discovery Time! This term, the year 0-2's will all be participating in Discovery on a Thursday afternoon. This week we had so many different activities to choose from! Most of us spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine in the sand pit and on the playground.  Our focus during Discovery Time is to follow our Kowhai Rules.

Friends outside enjoying the warm weather!
Great to see you all with sunhats!

Lewis having fun with the water table.

The sandpit was a huge hit!

Being creative with the construction zone.

School Gen Week

We have had a great School Gen Week!  We learned about solar power and energy.  From here, we decided to make our very own solar ovens. We used pizza boxes, tin foil, black paper and gladwrap.  Ask us why we used these items. They are all important to make our oven work! 

Hedgehog Fun!

We read HedgehogFun and followed the instructions to create our own yummy hedgehogs with orange, grapes and marshmallows! What a great follow up activity! Yum!

Spider Art and Writing

As a follow on from when we had a spider expert visit us, we did our own writing about spiders! We also created some art! We all drew our own webs, used white pastel to outline, then used dye over top! We think they look pretty awesome! Come in and have a look and learn some facts about spiders!

Writers Island

We love writing time! In our Writers Island we find fun, hands on and engaging ways to write!
Take a look at our Greedy Cat writing!
We are also in the process of writing about Spring! Anthony wrote; "The springs days are getting warmer and longer."
Jude wrote; "The pretty blossoms are turning cherry pink."
Quinn wrote; "The bright yellow daffodils smell sweet like honey".
We can't wait to share our finished 'Spring' writing with you!

Look at our Learning Around Bones!

We have been busy learning about our bodies and how to look after our bones. We read The Magic School Bus which taught us about our skeletons. We tried piecing together our bones, we created a skeleton out of cotton tips and read many cool body books! Come in and have a look at our skeleton display!

Spider Expert Visit

We had a great morning today! Kate from Lincoln University studies Arachnology (study of spiders).  We invited her in for a 'show and tell' of her spider collection! We learnt about different types of spiders, where they are found, parts of a spider and we asked some amazing questions! We are now full of spider knowledge! Ask us for a creepy crawly fact!  Next week we will be taking our new spider knowledge and will create some fantastic writing around it all!